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Managing operations... Managing operations... Mar 19, 2020 ...when everything is far from BAU! Schemes across the industry are considering how their operations might be impacted by the current pandemic. They have their disaster recovery plans in place, but
Don Don't wait for the iron fist Mar 15, 2020 Your data needs to be dashboard ready - now! Guy Opperman has warned of draconian penalties for not being data ready for dashboard. So, just how hard is it to be data ready? Well, we still haven’t
Comparing GMP equalisation and McCloud Comparing GMP equalisation and McCloud Mar 10, 2020 Are injustices blighting the industry? Implications As the name suggests, if the industry does not continue with GMP equalisation, inequalities will remain prevalent within members’ pensions. The

Upcoming Events

PLSA Liverpool Oct 1, 2020 More details to follow!

Past Events

ABI annual conference Feb 25, 2020 More details to follow!
ABI annual dinner Feb 24, 2020 The Annual Dinner provides an excellent opportunity to meet other leaders in our industry and to network with some of the speakers and policymakers who will attend the conference the following day.
PASA annual conference Feb 11, 2020 The 2020 conference will be focusing on the member, with two keynote speakers, a panel discussion and further speakers.
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