Auto-Enrolment Pension and Contributions Integration | ITM


Our middleware is a solution for assessment, communications and payroll integration to support you with auto enrolment.

We’ve designed our middleware to help employers comply with their auto enrolment duties. This web-based pension administration software gives users complete control over the implementation and ongoing management of auto enrolment, including initial employee assessment, managing of employee opt ins and opt outs, issuing of statutory employee communications and ongoing record keeping guaranteeing compliance with the Pensions Regulator’s (tPR) requirements.

In a nutshell, you can:

  • Manage the entire end-to-end auto enrolment process through one intuitive system.
  • Manage workforce assessments, opt ins and outs, employee and employer contributions and regulatory communications.
  • Make member and scheme documentation more visible as members and administrators can have full access to view documents.
  • Run data validation reports to meet tPR’s record keeping requirements.

Top nine reasons to use our middleware:

  1. An easy to use, web-based interface requiring minimal training and knowledge.
  2. An end-to-end secure auto enrolment solution providing the employer with peace of mind.
  3. Full assessment of employee data at all required stages.
  4. Fully integrated with many leading auto enrolment providers for straight-through and automated scheme set up.
  5. Integrated communications portal ensuring members have full information.
  6. Integrated Pension’s Regulator data validation reports ensuring records are correct.
  7. Bulk email capability for additional communications for faster and reliable communications.
  8. Security interface for employers and payrolls.
  9. Handle all your compliance needs in the one place.

How easy is it?

Our fully comprehensive automatic enrolment middleware:

  • is intuitive web-based technology
  • has a simple front-end design, which can be used by any skill level
  • reduces manual intervention – eliminating key stroke errors
  • is payroll agnostic, making uploading data a straightforward process
  • guides the user down the path of compliance using our’wizard’ based interface