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Audit & Migrate

Analyse data from any system using our innovative technology.

From getting started on your data journey by knowing what you’ve got – and what you haven’t, gaining access to all your data, right through to taking your cleansed data to a new system, administrator or platform our eDAaRT tool will be involved.

What is eDAaRT?

eDAaRT is our master data management platform – we’ve created and built upon it using the experiences with our clients across the public and private sectors, as well as the financial services market. This technology has been developed with the end user in mind, making it suitable for in-house pension departments, third party administrators, actuaries, insurers and human resources departments.

It’s our first port of call when we work on any data management project, from initial cleansing, to detailed analysis and subsequent on-going maintenance and management. Once the data has been loaded, consolidated and formatted we can then utilise our expertise to drill down and interrogate the data, adopting analytical queries to understand scheme specific issues and deliver specific requirement solutions.



  • Contains a whole library of data analysis tools
  • Works with all major administration systems
  • Can be hosted for you or used as part of an in-house solution
  • Is web based, so no lengthy and costly installs
  • Is user-friendly – you don’t need expert knowledge to use it
  • Ensures compliance with Solvency II requirements
  • Complies with the Pensions Regulators (tPR) data scores reporting
  • Can be used during a one-off exercise or for ongoing data monitoring

Why’s it different?

Traditional data interrogation and transfer has required the ongoing support of specialist expertise. A specialist could use their technology to analyse your data but initial queries and results would need to be translated into language clients could use. eDAaRT has been developed over the years based on direct specific pension data management experience of both the process and platform structures prevalent in the industry and these have been embedded as pre-configured templates, processes and scripts. With eDAaRT we’ve layered all the technical intricacies with a user interface clients can use themselves. Many of our clients use eDAaRT for a one-off project but go on to use it as a regular tool for data review, control and monitoring.

What next?

You’ve analysed your data and received your report of recommendations. The next step is to reorganise and fill in the missing pieces. We offer a range of data cleansing services, organised on a client-by-client basis to help you get what you need.

Such as:

  • Cleanse – correcting data and providing extracts back to originating system.
  • Reporting – running validations and producing data analysis.
  • Insights – interpreting the data for trends, issues or opportunities.
  • Outputs – migrating data to a new format, providing extracts and information.
  • Archive – providing access and maintenance of data that is no longer active.
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