Data Migrator - ITM

Data Migrator

ITM is a fast growing pensions technology data consultancy. We help the pensions and insurance industry get full value from their data, solving complex data problems so that they can save money, reduce risk and give their customers a better experience. Our clients choose to work with us because they benefit from a combination of our deep and broad experience of using technology to transform data, our willingness to share their challenges and resolve their issues, our determination to get results and deliver value for them.

Job Description

  • To implement new clients onto productive systems
  • To migrate existing clients from legacy systems to productive systems
  • Where existing clients’ requirements form the implemented systems change, re-implement such clients where possible
  • To be able to construct tools and methodologies which automatically check clients’ data and report inconsistencies and errors
  • To be able to use these tools to interrogate data and produce reports to highlight data issues
  • Constructing computer tools and methodologies to interrogate and verify data
  • To demonstrate an understanding of clients’ existing data and data structures
  • To deliver solutions to inconsistencies and errors with data
  • To produce and implement computer tools to migrate data from existing sources to a new system platform
  • To provide bulk data loading and processing for clients


  • Demonstrable skills in SQL
  • Have experience in a number of pensions admin systems
  • Evidence proficient skills in MS Office
  • Have experience in Microsoft development environments
  • Demonstrable pensions knowledge both DC and DB