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Digital ID verification

Use biometric technology to verify the identity of your customers, securely and efficiently.

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Schemes, administrators and providers are looking for smarter, more efficient ways to carry out ID and proof of life checks for their members – especially for those living abroad. Biometric facial recognition technology has been used within financial services for years, but too often pensions operations have relied on outdated, unsecure methods to verify existence and identity  – with manual checks and paper ID – causing unnecessary inefficiencies.

Financial fraud poses a significant risk to your scheme and its members. Pension fraud is on the rise, and the stakes are high, with hundreds of thousands of pounds lost last year.

Technology-enabled checks alongside a simple in-person option when needed will support your scheme. That’s why we created IDself…

Protect your scheme

Protecting your scheme is the number one priority for any Trustee, scheme or provider, and that includes ensuring you’re paying out benefits correctly – to the right person, at the right time.

IDself supports you with this in three key ways:
• Minimising benefits paid out to deceased members with proof of life checks – particularly for overseas members
• Ensuring the member is who they say they are with Know Your Customer (KYC) identity checks
• Secure and automatic checks – for added peace of mind and reduced chance of human error

Improve efficiency

Current commonly used checks involve cumbersome paper processes, with effort on a member’s part to complete, verify and return documents.

This often takes some encouragement, with regular ‘chaser’ letters and plenty of manual work for your administration team when documents are returned.

Using our technology will:

• Speed up the process
• Reduce human error
• Free up your admin team to work on more complex tasks
• Reduce the effort required from members

Better member experience

Improve the service you provide to your members using our simple ID checker.

A straightforward login, ID check and instant facial recognition means your members can be verified in less than a minute.

You can get the results quickly – enabling you to begin, or continue to pay benefits much sooner than current manual methods would allow.

Your members aren’t spending unnecessary time copying and verifying ID documents and your team aren’t spending time checking them – it’s a win/win!

Verified in three easy steps…

How does it work?

Facial recognition technology has been used for years – commonly in airports for immigration purposes – where it’s been refined and improved.

It looks at key facial structure and features, mapping the users face and then comparing those key points against their photograph.

According to a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report[1], facial recognition software was successful in 99.8% of cases!



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