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Independent impartial experts

Working objectively to deliver optimum results.

We’re independent. When we work with you and analyse your data, our goal is to iron out any kinks, report accurately and make your data as powerful to you as it can be. We don’t have any other agenda. We like to measure our joint success on a project when we see how you use the results to drive you forward.

In the finance industry, you’re under increased scrutiny when it comes to the governance of your scheme. As a business, we aren’t administrators. We’re impartial, we have no vested interests, so we can work objectively with you to deliver great results.

An outsider’s perspective

Over the last few years, schemes have faced closer observation. Traditionally, for data analysis or many other projects, schemes would turn to their scheme administrators or financial auditors. But pension scheme data is unique, each piece a snapshot reflecting legislation, scheme rules, accrual rates, and an assortment of other elements bespoke to the time it was recorded. It requires a different approach when truly getting to the heart of your data. We bring an outside fresh eyed view with added impartiality.

Trustees in particular often find that the independence and market expertise we bring from the wider industry helps to support their aims of putting members first. The insights we’ve gained allow us to suggest tried and tested ways to improve data and use it to drive your scheme forward for the benefit of your members. Many of the trusts we’ve worked with have trustees with many years of experience in the finance and investment sectors. We can add the expertise of data and systems specialist to complement the mix.

Our clients value the independence and market expertise that we bring. Our industry expertise and specialism help support them achieve their aims. The insights we gain from every sub-sector of the pensions industry allow us to suggest innovative ways to improve data and drive our clients forward, for the benefit of all their members.

Openly sharing our experience

We’ve worked with hundreds of schemes in the finance sector, and we can bring all that experience to you. Some data consultants like to keep their expertise to themselves, but our clients get the best results when we share our knowledge and services openly. We’re even happy to leave our technology behind so that you can use it well into the future – continuously improving data quality and paving the way for better outcomes for your members.

Speed up your data

We don’t do day-to-day administration or traditional auditing. It means we can focus purely on your data project and can help to implement strategic plans quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts work seamlessly with your in-house or third-party administrator. We can often bring tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way to help improve general admin processes, making your scheme more efficient in the longer term too.

For third party administrators, by outsourcing your data projects to us, you can have peace of mind that we’ll deliver on time and on budget. You’ll free up your own resources to work on other objectives, or just to keep day-to-day administration running smoothly.

With your data plans put into action, you can quickly realise the potential it has to be used in new ways to drive you forward.

Specialist at data migration

If your data project is centred around moving data, to new systems, platforms or schemes then our independence can really put your mind at ease. Especially where there may be multiple organisations working together, we can provide an outsider’s, impartial perspective.

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