Your GMP journey starts with your data.


You’ve reconciled your GMPs, understand what pensions to correct, and how under and over payments should be calculated, so what’s next? You’re ready for the rectification stage.

We find many clients get stuck here – so we’ve developed our GMP health check – an assessment designed to help you understand where you are on your journey and what to do next.

With other exercises potentially affecting some of the same members, like equalisation, liability reduction and the McCloud judgement for public sector schemes, timing is everything.

Our experienced team have worked tirelessly on rectification projects and are on hand to help you with the challenge of rectifying pensions.


You need to kick start your GMP equalisation project by understanding the scale of the problem and getting your data in good shape. Our GMP health check is designed to:

  • give you insights into the members in scope
  • identify key missing data items
  • provide an indication of the financial impact
  • allow you to drill into the results with our interactive dashboard

This will help you prioritise you resources.

Given the length of time since benefits accrued this is likely to be challenging, especially as the data you need is more detailed than most schemes need for ongoing administration.

It’s important to get started early, prepare your data and gather any missing details needed for equalisation exercises.

GMP health check

Whether you’re stuck on rectification or pushing on with equalisation, our GMP health check can help you plan your next steps.


GMP rectification

Our data experts are experienced in preparing pension scheme data for all sorts of exercises – they are ready to help you on your GMP journey


GMP equalisation

Deciding how you will carry out your equalisation exercise is the final piece of the puzzle and our experts will help you every step of the way.

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