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We understand it’s a busy, constantly changing environment in pensions right now, and sometimes, with the best will in the world admin can quickly back up and make it difficult to get back on track. This is especially the case for administrators who are also tackling bigger projects – it can be hard to keep on top of it all.

If you need support with clearing a backlog or with a one-off project we’re here to help.

We work with all types of schemes; public service schemes, and private sector schemes covering both defined contribution and defined benefit – we understand the complex issues schemes face and work with in-house, shared-service and third-party administrators. This experience has given our team the expertise to handle the most complex of cases and calculations. We can help with all types of backlog cases, from refunds and deferreds, to more complex concurrent and aggregation cases.

We’ll help you clear your backlog quickly, enabling you to focus on keeping the BAU going and giving you confidence in the accuracy of your scheme data and valuations.

Our team

Our team bring industry expertise from across finance, administration, data and technology to ensure you receive a high-quality service.

A typical project team includes:

  • A relationship manager – your key point of contact, both in the initial planning stages and whilst we’re working through your backlog;
  • A delivery manager – keeping everything running smoothly at our end and tracking progress quality against agreed milestones;
  • An analyst – To get into the detail of your data, and work out what we’ll need to get the job done; and
  • Specialist administrators – trained to a high standard and able to power through your backlog, even if it’s riddled with messy, complex cases.

Our approach

Initial analysis

After we’ve talked though the key areas you need help with we’ll look to understand the size and scope of your project.

We’ll take a look at your backlog to work out:

  • the size of the backlog
  • the types of cases
  • the complexity of cases

We’ll look at fund, employer and member level – so we’ll get to know your data well in the process.

We’ll use this to accurately scope your backlog, plan and allocate the resources you’ll need and work out timescales. We’ll also work with you to prioritise those cases which you need to get to quickly – like where members are approaching retirement, or where there could be a significant impact on member benefits.

This enables us to deliver good value for money, and helps you avoid any unwanted surprises when it comes to scope and timescales.

Coming up with a plan

We’ll run a kick-off workshop with you where we’ll work with you to plan your project. We’ll talk through our approach including;

  • Systems – we can use your administration system, processes and procedures or we can use our own if you prefer.
  • Priorities – we’ll help you work out your priorities, for example members approaching retirement.
  • Data collection – we’ll discuss the data we’ll need and how we’ll access this.
  • Agree rules and tolerances – we can talk through initial rules for assumption-based processing.

This will help us form the project framework, making sure the project progresses smoothly whilst reducing risk and maintaining cost-efficiency.

In-depth analysis

We’ll analyse your backlog in more detail. This will help us work out what additional data we might need. We’ll work with your administrator to gather the extra information.

We’ll reduce the impact on your admin team, employers and payroll by requesting any additional data in bulk wherever possible.

Our experience has shown us that a little extra time spent at this stage really helps to reduce the number of queries later, making your project as efficient as possible.

For cases where all the data we need to get started is available we’ll begin working on those.

Clearing the backlog

We’ll begin working through your backlog, approaching your cases based on the agreed priorities and tolerances. Our specialist team will process even the most complex of cases, using the tolerances and validation agreed at outset.

We’ll assess our progress and will report back to you regularly.

Operational improvements

We’ll use our experience to provide feedback on your current processes.

Implementing improvements can help you reduce cost and increase efficiency – helping you to ensure you can manage complex cases whilst running business as usual in future.

We’ve helped hundreds of schemes and improved millions of members’ data – speak to us about how we can help you.

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Admin Backlogs

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