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GMP Checker vs Final SRS data GMP Checker vs Final SRS data May 15, 2020 Does a difference in data affect your scheme? For some time, those working on GMP reconciliation have most likely been running additional checks on data areas where there were known weaknesses in
New CEO announced New CEO announced Apr 24, 2020 ITM changes management structure to appoint Mark Lecompte as CEO Mark Lecompte takes on the role of CEO of ITM succeeding Darran Blount. Mark will focus on delivering future strategy and business
Managing operations... Managing operations... Mar 19, 2020 ...when everything is far from BAU! Schemes across the industry are considering how their operations might be impacted by the current pandemic. They have their disaster recovery plans in place, but
Don Don't wait for the iron fist Mar 15, 2020 Your data needs to be dashboard ready - now! Guy Opperman has warned of draconian penalties for not being data ready for dashboard. So, just how hard is it to be data ready? Well, we still haven’t
Comparing GMP equalisation and McCloud Comparing GMP equalisation and McCloud Mar 10, 2020 Are injustices blighting the industry? Implications As the name suggests, if the industry does not continue with GMP equalisation, inequalities will remain prevalent within members’ pensions. The
Looking ahead: The future of McCloud Looking ahead: The future of McCloud Feb 3, 2020 The Government are planning a public consultation on the McCloud judgement – there’s no doubt that’s good news for members – but what does it mean for schemes? Here’s 3 things schemes
Data - the time is now Data - the time is now Jan 13, 2020 Just 17% of industry experts consider member data quality as a priority in the next one to two years?!? Really?  And only 18% are prioritising governance. Are they aware we are a fifth of the way
Master Trusts exiting the market – things to consider Master Trusts exiting the market – things to consider Nov 29, 2019 The UK pensions market is heading into a big period of consolidation – something compounded by master trust authorisation, which has seen the master trust market alone reduce by nearly 60%. It’s
McCloud McCloud Oct 14, 2019 McCloud – how can administrators prepare The Government confirmed on 15 July 2019 that it will engage fully with the Employment Tribunal to remedy the age-related differences in treatment between
GMP GMP Oct 14, 2019 The futures bright, but it’s a way off being GMP free. Lots of schemes are focussed on equalisation, but for some, reconciliation is still not complete. Ultimately, reconciliation of both the
Q: How do you solve a problem like GMPe? Q: How do you solve a problem like GMPe? Jul 23, 2019 Cast your minds back to last October when the industry received the long-awaited verdict on GMP equalisation with regards to the Lloyds Banking Group court case. There is now a glimmer of light at
Acorns and Oak trees Acorns and Oak trees May 7, 2019 How do we make the pensions industry a more attractive and alluring place to carve out a career? How do we shed the boring perception of our industry? Matt Dodds divulges how a career in pensions is
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