ITM publishes a new white paper, ‘New Beginnings: Why data holds the key to the future of the Life and Pensions sector’.

Mar 15, 2017

It’s widely acknowledged that the more data we have, the better things work. But one area which is still waking up to this is corporate pensions. At ITM, this is an issue we’re all too familiar. It’s not unusual for us to receive scheme data literally by the lorryload as we work on bringing schemes into the modern age.

It’s this space between old and new that we’ve chosen to explore in our new white paper, NEW BEGINNINGS: WHY DATA HOLDS THE KEY TO THE FUTURE OF THE LIFE AND PENSIONS SECTOR. NEW BEGINNINGS takes a fresh look at the legacy data problem and offers practical steps on how to overcome the data challenge once and for all. It’s the key not only to making things work better, but to securing the survival of the sector itself.

Click here to download white paper


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