Are you cloud-based, dynamic and pay as you go?

Nov 11, 2016


Today’s new standard

ITM has broken the mould to offer its software on a pay as you go basis which gives users flexibility over costs.

This approach will be of particular interest to small to mid-sized DB schemes who feel their current supplier is under serving or over-charging them with little ability for the client to challenge fees, and DC schemes who want lower cost and high automation.

Buying and maintaining systems has changed. When did you last review your supplier?

What is most impressive about the digital revolution is not that we can summon taxis and takeaways in an instant, or the fact we can source any movie or album we can think of within a few clicks. What’s most impressive about all of this is just how… well… normal it’s all become.

As consumers we’re used to paying for what we need, when we need it. We like the fact our applications constantly evolve without even asking for it. And we enjoy accessing our data wherever we are, whenever we want it. But, by today’s standards, it’s all pretty normal.

The question is what have pensions systems been doing to keep up with the times? Have they been going through the same evolution or are they lagging behind? ITM aren’t waiting around; we are defining the new standard


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