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We’re independent data consultants

We solve complex data problems for the pensions and insurance industry using our technology and expertise. As a result, our clients save money, reduce risk, and give their customers a better experience.

Data problems are holding organisations back

Bad data can cause significant issues for organisations, for example, the re-calculation of benefits, de-risking or equalisation of GMPs are all affected by the quality of the data you hold. Clean, healthy data is essential to the successful running of any financial institution and the introduction of the pensions dashboards has put a greater emphasis on trustees, administrators and insurers making sure their data is up to scratch.

We saved an insurer over £2 million a year by migrating a million member records from 700 different pension schemes to a new platform – all within six months.

We approach these problems with insider expertise and outsider independence

Our team have all worked in the pension and insurance worlds, so we understand your priorities and your pressures – and we have insider expertise to share with you. But we’re also outsiders: we’re independent. This means we come in with fresh eyes – and tried-and-tested approaches. And it means our only goal is to solve your data problem in the best possible way for you.

We regularly cut pension schemes’ buyout costs by up to 15% by cleansing their data before insurers take on their liabilities.

We transform data – so rather than holding you back, it drives you forward

We audit data, then cleanse it and fill in the gaps, to transform its quality. We help you make sure your data’s fit for purpose – not just for what you need it to do today, but for what it will allow you to do in the future.

We helped a pension scheme give each one of its 12,000 members a personalised option to match their pension income to their lifestyle – and helped the scheme reduce its liability in the process.

First, we pinpoint the problem – using our technology to get deep into data

Our data analysis and reporting tool, eDAaRT, imports and makes sense of huge amounts of data. eDAaRT’s interfaces allow us to seamlessly capture data from any source, then run over 500 tests to analyse it. We continuously develop these tests, based on our accumulated experience of every data variation we’ve seen across the industry.

Our technology taught 236 employers how to cleanse, manage and maintain their data – helping them correct 500,000 data errors within the first 12 months.

Then we solve the problem by bringing industry-wide expertise to guide your data strategy

Our 150-strong team come from backgrounds in pensions administration, technology and insurance. We work with big and small insurers, with in-house and outsourced administration teams, and with public and private pension providers. We understand the administration systems and technology that comes with each. This means that, whatever data problem you come to us with, we’ll have specialists who can find a way to solve it. We can share what we’ve learnt across the industry to help you think objectively about your data. We’ll advise you on how to approach your data challenges, to help you make better decisions.

Using our technology to transform your data

Our specialist team will work with you, using our technology to transform your data. They’ll help you get full value from it. For instance, if today you need to pay the right benefit to the right person at the right time, we can transform your data to help you do that. But as a result, you’ll be in a position to meet future challenges and opportunities – from complying with new legislation, to overhauling the customer experience you offer.

Equipping you with software to maintain your data quality

To help you keep your data quality high without having to rely on us, we can provide you with the software you need to manage your data yourself. You can use our software products to audit, cleanse, archive and monitor your own data. You can also use them to automate processes, like each member’s entire pension journey – from first joining a scheme to passing pensions on to dependants.

We can solve these intricate problems because it’s all we do

We’ve been solving problems like this since 2003. It’s all we do. So, no matter what the data challenge, we know exactly what we’re looking for. We understand the controls you need and the constraints you work to – from governance structures to regular reporting. We know the obstacles we’re likely to come across, and how long the job is likely to take.

We don’t do any day-to-day administration – so we can focus completely on your project. This means we can commit to tight timescales, reliable costs and long-lasting solutions. It’s why we can do due diligence on buyout data in just two weeks, or a complete migration project in just eight months. And it’s why, once we’ve solved your data problems, we can give you the technology you need to manage your own data after we’ve gone.

Our mission statement

To deliver market leading technology and data solutions for the pensions and financial services sectors.

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